In 2020, B▽RK was started in order to inspire change in the world around us and disrupt the expensive market of wooden watches. The idea of B▽RK is derived from tree bark, which is the protector of a tree. Made of reclaimed wood and all-natural, toxic-free materials, a B▽RK wooden watch is the perfect combination of modern fashion and enviromental awareness. Above all else, inspired by the beauty of various national parks around the United States, a B▽RK timepiece is worn to serve as a reminder to release your nature and embellish in the beautiful earth we live on.

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante


B▽RK prides itself in sourcing Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and using sustainable materials for our handcrafted timepieces. B▽RK is an eco-friendly brand who uses toxic-free materials. In collaboration with One Tree Planted, B▽RK gives back by planting one tree for every watch sold.


B▽RK’s mission is to create a sustainable operation that encourages and inspires others to release their nature by actively enjoying the outdoors. In doing so, our hope is to promote environmental awareness in our communities. With the help of many, we can make a difference. B▽RK is proud to support the efforts of One Tree Planted.

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante